Teknirøðir um lundar!
Ludvík Lundi
1976 ...

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    Animated puffin

Teknirøðir um lundar

Animated puffinAnimated puffinAnimated puffin
The original Ludvík Lundi! Ludvík Lundi úr Lundavík by Roy

Alt tær nýtist at vita um tað loyniliga lundalívið!
All you need to know about the secret life of puffins!

Another flag to flyEitt flag ...  Another flag to fly
The bird life in Faroes is amazingFuglarnir  The bird life in Faroes
Snow?!Summir dagar  Some days ...
The Annual FestivalFótbóltur  Football in Faroes
The Annual FestivalOlja  The search for oil
The Annual FestivalLundavíkar Stevna  Annual Festival
28/29 JulyGóða Ólavsøku    28/29 July
The puffins arrive!Lundin kemur  The puffins arrive!
The origin of PuffinsUppruni Lundans  Origin of Puffins
Election time!X við lista L  Election time!
Election time (2)!X  Election time (2)!
Snow?!Kavi?!  Snow?!
Christmas GreetingsGleðilig Jól  Christmas Greetings
Christmas GreetingsLundi á jólanátt  A rare bird ...
The Annual Jazz FestivalThe Annual Jazz Festival

(Did you know that young puffins are called "pufflings"
- they really are!)

The puffin band
Teknirøðir um lundar!

Puffin cartoons about the Faroe Islands


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