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The history of Ludvík Lundi

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The original!
Ludvík Lundi from Lundavík
Ludvík Lundi - the puffin from Lundavík ©

Litli Víkingurin
The Little Viking
Ludvík Lundi (the puffin with glasses) first appeared in the Faroes in 1976 in a comic called "Lítli Víkingurin" (The Little Viking).  

In 1983, 1984 and 1985 he appeared every week in the Faroese newspaper "14 September" and in 1984 there was a book of some of those cartoons.  He has appeared from time to time in various other places, including "Deyvablað" the newspaper for the deaf.  Nobody knows where he went to during the periods he disappeared.
Book (from weekly newspaper strip): 1983/1984
Book: 1983/1984
Lundanet 1997 ...
on the Web 1997
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