Fibreglass hybrid with hatch

Fibreglass hybrid with hatch

Pavia's fibreglass hybrid, with bulkheads and hatches. Fibreglass and epoxy on a light but otherwise traditional wooden frame. Conservative, but not reactionary.

The Greenland kayak has always adapted. E.g., when steel blades made stiffer joins possible, the frame was made lighter. The modern European kayak (and paddle) is adapted to a market of beginners and speed freaks. Thus, the plastic fantastics may be good craft for the European market, while still being inferior boats for hunting and rolling. Because of the industrial production process, there is little feedback from experience to design; even on their own terms, European kayaks are often less than optimal. When you have invested in a mold, you're stuck with it for the next 5000 or so kayaks.

Improvement is driven by 3 forces:

A forth reason for change, is change itself: The Inuit could not rotomold polyethylene, so whatever I do in plastics must be better than what they did.

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