Seal Slaughter


Using the ulo, the traditional woman's knife. The animal that is butchered is not the reindeer, but a bearded seal (Erignathus barbatus, ugssuk, kambselur, granarkópur, blåsel, remmesæl). Served in global style; with toast, curry and onion. Instantly dubbed the McSeal. The taste is somewhere between whale and beef. Been there—eaten that

Since the days of Brigitte Bardot, seal meat has been haram to urban westerners. (In Islam, seal has always been haram.)

The seal puppy we did not kill This seal cub was not killed. (photo: Dori)

one happy seal saved The release of the young seal. (photo: Dori)

Seal and kayak Seal meat tastes good. And seals are cute. There is no contradiction in that. (Photo: Asbjørn Olsen)

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