A Metabrowse Demo


This page demonstrates the use of XSL/T and (Microsoft) XML DOM programming to retrieve data from several URLs, then transforming and combining the results in one HTML page. It is for demonstration purposes only—for the real thing, visit the Faroese Telephone Directory a.k.a. Telefonbókin or Nummarkall at . For WAP:

The DOM code is Microsoft specific, and runs in the browser. As a result, this demo works in IE6 only. (And the browser security must be configured to "access data sources across domains". Cross domain data is what this demo is all about.) It is also painfully slow, with no hourglass to indicate all the HTTP activity going on beneath. For production purposes, similar DOM code would run on the server, and the resulting HTML page would be readable by all browsers.

Expanding a search with other entries for the phone numbers that were found in the original search, is probably not very useful. (Would I make a useful function as a free demo?)

XML DOM programming and transformation by Jan Egil Kristiansen, Styrheim, With very good help from people at and Thanks!