Mulholland Drive

Agatha Christie on steroids?

David Lynch helpfully provides 10 clues to unlocking this thriller on the DVD.

The existence of these clues, makes me think the Norwegian police officer Leif A Lier may have been right: After the first few episodes of Twin Peaks, he blasted special agent Cooper, for not having done any real police work yet.

I don't believe Mulholland Drive is a thriller.

Casting the Cowboy

Jenis the Cowboy

When I think back on Adam's encounter with the Cowboy, it is the face of a Faroese actor, Jenis av Rana's face I remember. Not Layfayette Montgomery's.

One problem is that Jenis is not an actor, he's a politician. But if Ronald and Arnold could become governor of California, surely Jenis M.P. could act.

Waiting for the Faroese stage version…