Books by painters—metadata search

After coding eiði.rdf, I noticed that this is the kind of data that should allow searches like Find books written by painters. I could not find any search engine able to do this kind of metadata search. Not Google, not Amazon, not my local library's web page. But I found SPARQL, a language that seems able to express such queries.

The relevant data from eiði.rdf, expressed in SPARQL:

@prefix dc:

@prefix ei:

urn:isbn:1-880654-11-3 dc:title "The Far Islands and Other Cold Places"

urn:isbn:1-880654-11-3 dc:creator ei:mistele

ei:mistele dc:type

ei:mistele dc:title "Elizabeth Taylor"

urn:isbn:99918-3-152-5 dc:title "Úr Eiðis søgu"

urn:isbn:99918-3-152-5 dc:creator ei:oe

ei:oe dc:type

ei:oe dc:title "Óli Egilstrøð"

And the query:

SELECT ?book ?title ?authorname

PREFIX dc: <>

PREFIX ei: <>

WHERE (?book dc:creator ?author)

      (?author dc:type <>)

      (?author dc:title ?authorname)

      (?book dc:title ?title)

Finally, without being able to test this, I hope the result will be:

?book ?title ?authorname
urn:isbn:1-880654-11-3 "The Far Islands and Other Cold Places" "Elizabeth Taylor"
urn:isbn:99918-3-152-5 "Úr Eiðis søgu" "Óli Egilstrøð"

The result would probably contain mostly paintings, unless I state that I want results whose dc:type is or dc:Text.

We also need an ontology to tell the system that and are considered equal, as far as dc:type is concerned. But let's not get carried away.

Targeting this search at eiði.rdf, is not very useful. The fun starts when we can target it at Google's massive accumulation of all the RDF data in the world. By then, we also need Google to rate the results, and we'll need a user interface.

I confess: I did get carried away.