Stryk kristenkorset av ditt flagg

Arnulf Øverland wrote:

Stryk kristenkorset av ditt flagg og heis det rent og rødt!

which translates to

Tear the Christ-Cross from your flag, and hoist it pure and red!

The cross is telling the truth

Norway is a Christian theocracy. As long as that lasts, we should keep the cross in our flag. Serving as a warning that:

After Theocracy—then what?

Øverland suggested a pure red flag:

a pure red flag

but I think we should rather get a more neutral one. The red flag is associated with "scientific atheism" and communism—replacing the Christian bias with another one won't do. And the red flag is presently in use to mark ships and vehicles that carry explosives.

I suggest keeping one of the stripes from the cross. The vertical stripe is my favorite, because it keeps all the numbers from the original: 6:1:2:1:12

red flag with blue and white vertical  stripes

With the horizontal stripe, the 12 is lost, and with it goes the original asymmetry.

red flag with blue and white horizontal stripes

Thor was never a national god in Norway—the kings, warriors and poets did worship Odin. But should he ever be recognized as the God of the State, we may get the following flag:

flag with Thor's hammer

Actually, that looks more like a T than a hammer. And as we all know, Thor's hammer is supposed to have too short handle, due to production problems caused by a certain Loki. But

flag with Thor's hammer, short handle

doesn't look too good. Maybe flag design isn't quite as easy as it seems?

A suggestion, based on the flag of Cabo Verde:

Like Cap Verde's Flag

Flags based on bitmap for the present Norwegian flag at

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