Change Log

Removed "- -"

Near&Far did not accept the hyphens in the DTD; removed them

Splitting name and description

Adding subelements name and description to thepersona element.

Moving persona content to the subelements.

Removed markup from scndescr element.

The word "Scene" in the scndescr element is markup, not content. Deleted.

(Shakespeare's scene description is "SCENE.—Scotland: England.". What does that mean? If I didn't know better, I'd think that England is a part of Scotland?)

"MACBETH" vs. "Macbeth"

Shakespeare used small-caps in persona names, e.g. Macbeth. That's markup, not content, so changing to lower case in the XML. But only real names are to be small-capped. E.g. "Young Siward". Introducing an identity element, e.g. <persona><identity>Young <name>Siward</name></identity>

Context-free descriptions

Added the context-free attribute to description and grpdescr. In cases where the original description is maningless out of context, an alternative description may be given in the context-free attribute. E.g., in context, Malcolm is described as "his sons", while out of context, he'd be better described as "Duncan's son".

Added IDs

Added IDs for the five acts manually. Used add_IDs.xsl to add IDs for scene, speach and line elements.

Added the persona ID attribute to the speaker element. Each speaker is a persona, this ID tells which one (or which three, in case of the witches.)

Renamed the "Soldier" back to "Sergeant"

There is a <speaker>Sergeant</speaker>, but no such <persona>. However, in my printed version, there is "A Sergeant" — not "A Soldier" — following the "A Scotch Doctor" persona. Renaming that persona back to Sergeant.

Giving the three apparitions separate identities

The hree apparitions are referred to as "an armed Head", "A bloody Child" and "a Child crowned" in the <stagedir> elements, and as first, second and third apparition in the <speaker> elements. Changing the "Apparitions" <persona> to a pgroup containing the three apparitions.